Network’s Sustainability

The Network recognises the importance of sustaining herself in all aspects that include ideological, programmes, activities, material and financial resources. The Network during the strategic plan period, will undertake the following actions towards her sustainability.

  • Strengthening ties within the Network, building coalitions and partnerships supported by research and availability of literature and information in a strong well-coordinated network of women’s organizations.  This will create a pool of advocates who will build on each other’s synergy and expertise to promote the women’s movement in Uganda.
  • Creating an effective communication system where all information relating to research, documentation and other various information gathered and disseminated will build and expand information resource base of gender and feminist literature in Uganda.
  • Creating public awareness of women’s concerns in policy making will mobilize opinion in favour of continued affirmative action and increased support for gender equality and equity.
  • Strengthening the women’s movement in Uganda will sustain the achievements made in advocacy initiatives by the women’s movement both in the private and public sphere hence sustain the benefits.

Maintaining the Forum for reflection will enable women to meet and deliberate on ideological and operational women and gender issues hence keeping the momentum based on new trends.

Women Leaders meeting the Inspector General of Police on creating a favourable political environment for the Women.

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  1. Empowering women leaders is always very relevant as it not only helps to improve on the position of women in communities but also helps equip them with more skills, confidence and support that they need to perform their duties.
    Keep it up!

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