Introducing the 2012 Young Professionals at UWONET

With the aim of empowering and preparing the young professionals particularly to support the women’s movement and development UWONET advertised placements at the secretariat for the 2012 Internship programme. This Programme is innovative and exciting thus providing opportunities for mentoring, learning and networking. Its objective is to develop and enhance young people’s skills in leadership, lobbying and advocacy, programme management, analysis, research and documentation, information management, website maintenance, resource center management and more importantly ground the students in development work, Gender and Women’s rights. The programme also provides young professionals with the opportunity to gain hands on experiences in working within a civil society organisation.

UWONET would like to take this opportunity to introduce to you the selected young professionals for this year 2012;


Anja Katrine Søndergaard is a 19 year old, 2011 high school graduate from Roskilde, Denmark.  She majored in media and social studies. Anja has been doing plenty of associational work in her spear time – in political organizations, development organizations and different youth councils. She has been a local leader of the Youth organization of the Democratic Socialist People’s Party and an elections campaign-leader for the current Minister of Health in Denmark. She has also been active in local youth councils and in politics since the age of 15. Anja has been a part of a team developing a new youth policy in her city of Roskilde, which has the goal to involve young people in decision making and invite youths to participate more in the democracy. Among other things, she has been campaigning for a lower voting age and a more including educational system. She knows how to do campaigning and is good at starting up activities, dialogue and debating.


Asiimwe Charlotte is a 23 year old Bachelor’s Degree in Community Psychology graduate from Makerere University. Throughout her school life, Charlotte was groomed to always stand out and not to be just a face in the crowd. She was outstanding performer and also a leader (class representative) at the university. Charlotte is a trained HIV/AIDS Prevention counsellor from Aids Information Center and also practiced counselling during her internship at Infectious Disease Institute in Mulago as an adherence counsellor.  Aside from having counselling skills she loves to read articles on health, contemporary issues, attending conferences on life skills, empowering people and is also interested in music, dance and drama. Honesty and integrity are her behavioural competencies. Charlotte has learnt to make good use of the opportunities that bring out the best in her.


Kikawa Allan is a 26 year old Bachelor’s degree in Library and Information Science graduate from Makerere University and is currently pursuing a Master’s of Science in Information Systems at the same University. Allan is a self starter, flexible, creative, innovative, and organized, can multitask and is a team player with strong analytical and presentation skills. He strives for not only having work completed before strict deadlines but also with great accuracy. Allan has great skills in research, data entry, project and organizational change management, entrepreneurship and agricultural information systems.


Christine Koli is a 22 year old Bachelors of Development Studies graduate from Uganda Christian University. Christine is a self-reliant, determined and analytical person with a reliable personality and excellent communication skills. She mixes both assertiveness and humility; and is able to work in and with teams. She is so passionate about Human rights narrowing it down to women’s rights. She is the kind of person you need for any development to occur.


Anyagurat Miria is a 26 year old Bachelors Degree in Social Work and Social Administration graduate from Kumi University with experience in development work particularly in area of women’s rights with special focus on gender based violence and children’s rights. Miria has also trained on Gender Based Violence prevention and response, reproductive Health and Rights and gender responsive implementation of PRDP. Miria has good interpersonal skills, is flexible, good team player and can work with minimal supervision.


Robert Lorenzo Elliott IV is a 20 year old Purdue University student studying Hospitality and Tourism Management as well as Women’s Studies in the United States. Rob has a passion for equality. He is a goal oriented individual determined to change the world in any small way that he can. Coming from a large family with many strong women who helped raise him and who grew up alongside him, Rob sees the need for a more globally accepted feminist mentality. He is unafraid to spark up dialogue that may make others uncomfortable because he knows that change does not happen unless we are all faced with the injustices and inequalities that surround us in our political, social, and economic lives as citizens of the world. He is dedicated to challenging those societal norms that leave some groups of people trapped in a state of oppression imposed by the very communities they are a part of.


Many thanks to all the young ladies and gentlemen who applied for the 2012 placement but the secretariat could only take so many. We do encourage other young professionals to apply during the next intake and seize every opportunity around you.





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  1. Way to go UWONET. Empowering youth to take up positions that would bring about change in society is part of the agenda for the African Women’s Decade. My congratulations to the successful applicants.

  2. Flavia Nyadoi

    An excellent initiative in UWONET and platform for interns to be more practical.I Encourage the Interns to work harder



  4. Madanda

    A good initiative UWONET that should be emulated by many organisations. We need skills to do the enourmous work now and in the future.

  5. Esther

    Congs!! to the successful interns and many thanks to UWONET for such opporitunities. I wish the interns the very best and hope they will utilize the knowledge and skills gained to serve and transform our communities. Thanks

  6. Salume Ofwono

    Thanks UWONET for providing such space for the young professionals to gain experience in development work and advocacy. Keep it up.

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