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Women’s participation in governance at all levels sub county, district and national, continues to be limited, yet it remains a top priority and a critical element for achieving gender equality.  Only when women have full access to decision-making positions will laws, policies, and budgets reflect the needs of all citizens and support women’s rights.  Nevertheless this  is  infringed  by  the  leaders  inability  to  understand their  roles  and  responsibilities  and  translate this  to  their  daily  work. To  achieve  the  Millennium Development  goals it  is  agreed  and  pertinent  that we  step  up  and promote increased women’s representation in decision  making.

In pursuing its goal to attain increased  women’s participation  in  leadership  and  decision  making as stipulated  in  its  current strategic plan , Uganda Women’s Network has drawn  together and has been working with grassroots  women  organizations  to enhance  their capacities  for  effective  engagement  and  influence  of  government  processes. It also aims at building strategic   partnerships provide and foster women’s roles in governance. Therefore it  is  pertinent  that  women  leaders  are  provided  with  the  necessary  information  for  effective  performance.

This programme implemented with support from the European Union (EU) seeks to enhance women’s oversight capacity to participate in socio economic and political processes in the regions of Acholi, West Nile and Karamoja;

1.0    UWONET Vision and Mission

UWONET envisions a peaceful Uganda free of wars, gender violence and all forms of discrimination; and upholding human rights and the principles of gender equity and equality, hence fostering equal opportunities and effective participation at all levels, recognising women contributions.

UWONET’s mission is to promote and enhance networking, collective visioning and action among membership and with different actors working towards development and the transformation of unequal gender relations in the Ugandan society.


  1. Enhance capacity of women and young people to participate in good governance and social accountability processes.
  2. To facilitate Civil Society Organisations (CSO) capacity development to participate in Local Government (LG) planning, monitoring and advocacy for effective social service delivery. 
  3. To provide relevant information for effective civic engagement between duty bearers (CSOs, LGs) and right holders


1.3     Assignment

Developing  a resource  pack for  duty  bearers is one of the activities under the project that is aimed at developing a  reference  pack for  all duty bearers  such as  the  police, district officials  and  others  depending  on  their  office. The  resource  pack will involve the  summary  of  the  documents  that  stipulate  the  roles  of  duty bearers  such as the Constitution, Local Government Act, Parliamentary Act and Regulations, Police Act.

1.4     Objectives of the Resource pack

  1. Provide  information  on  the  roles  and  responsibilities  of the  different duty  bearers
  2.  To make the information in different easy to understand for all.

 1.5    Methodology

The assignment will include review of Constitution and the Local Government Act, Parliamentary Act and Regulations.

1.6     Secretariat Support

UWONET officials  will  provide  documents for  review and  any  other  necessary  information  required  by  the  consultant.

2.0     Scope

Under the guidance of the Director of Programmes and the Programme officer the consultant will

  • Propose a draft outline of the content of the resource pack.
  • Develop a draft and final version resource pack acceptable to UWONET standard.
  • Update the resource pack if needed.

2.1       Deliverables

The Consultant is expected to produce:

  • An inception covering her interpretation of the ToRs, statement of methodology and work plan)
  • Draft resource pack for validation
  • Final report

2.2       Time Frame

The assignment is expected to last for 15 working days from 25th May 2012 to 15th June 2012. UWONET will review the progress of the needs assessment and expect the final draft on the 20th June 2012. During this period the consultant will carry out tasks related to the assignments and a meeting will be organized discuss the draft report with the secretariat before submitting the final report.

3.0       Competencies and Qualifications


  • Bachelor degree  in  Law  or related   discipline
  • Advanced  degree


  • Proven and substantial experience research and Advocacy.
  • At least ten years experience in the field of Gender and development.
  • At  least ten years  experience in  conducting needs assessment ( evidence required)


Excellence in English written and Oral.


Deadline of  submission of Applications is 22nd May 2012. 

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