Launch of the Inter-Religious Institute for Peace (IRIP)

The Inter-Religious Institute for Peace (IRIP) – an initiative of the Inter-Religious Council of Uganda (IRCU) was launched on 10th August 2012 at Makerere University, St. Francis Community centre, the event was marked by a public lecture on the theme “Religion, Politics and Peace” delivered by Professor Patrick Lumumba Olwech from Kenya. The theme for the lecture was chosen in light of the enduring debate in East Africa, indeed globally, on the role of religion in politics and peace building or conflict. The lecture was aimed at clarifying and deepening understanding by various stakeholders on the relationship between the three facets in terms of merit and demerit of the debate, and how the interplay between religion and politics impacts peace and stability, good governance and development.

The Inter-Religious Institute for Peace was established to build capacity of religious leaders and other peace actors in the use of faith-based approaches in peace building and development. The institute seeks to bridge the gap between theory and practice through application to person-to-person approaches such as mentoring, knowledge and experience sharing (narrations) and application of knowledge in real life situations.

The institute will provide training to target groups and undertake research on issues impacting humanity anywhere in the world. IRIP will actively promote its agenda and programmes through the Great Lakes Religious Leaders Network, Religions for Peace International and African Council of Religious Leaders. IRCU is a member or an affiliate to these bodies. The institute’s two core programmes are made in such a way as to provide a range of choices for participants to deepen their knowledge and understanding in specific aspects of their work. The programmes are; Inter-Religious Dialogue and Community Building, and Mediation, Peace-making and Conflict Transformation.

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