Bridging the Information Gap through Resource Centres

Educators, development workers, researchers, policy makers, managers, local communities and self-help groups all need information. There is plenty of evidence that access to the right information at the right time can mean the difference between development and no development.

Uganda Women’s Network (UWONET) appreciates the significance of well researched and packaged information in facilitating and providing facts and statistical information for effective advocacy. In a move to provide relevant information necessary for effective networking and advocacy, UWONET with support from Diakonia Sweden, facilitated the establishment of Information Resource Centres in the districts of Agago, Abim, Kotido and Pader.

The Information Resource Centres were established with an aim of improving access to information, increasing knowledge and articulation on women rights and gender through information sharing.

A community reading at Policy Brief at the Resource Centre

A community reading at Policy Brief at the Resource Centre

The Information Resource Centres are hosted and managed by Community Based Organisations nurtured by UWONET in the different Districts. The Information Resource Centres are hosted by:

  • Forum for Kalongo Parish Women’s Association (FOKAPAWA) in Agago district
  • Abim Women Together In Development (AWOTID) in Abim District
  • Nakere Rural Women Activists (NARWOA) in Kotido District
  • Women in Rural Development Network (WORUDET) in Pader District

The Information Resource Centers are now a reference service providing up-to-date information to development workers and local communities in the districts of establishment. The subject emphasis of the information available is on gender and women’s rights; local and international politics; government programmes and policies; economics and trade; local and foreign affairs; education and culture; public services among others.

Information Resource Centre Hosted by Abim Women Together in Development (AWOTID)

Information Resource Centre Hosted by Abim Women Together in Development (AWOTID)

Reports from the district partners demonstrate that the information at their disposal now has played an important part in their wider learning process – helping them as development workers to understand the context of their work, follow new approaches, undertake new responsibilities, improve their practice and remind them of basic concepts.

In a nutshell, the Information Resource Centre have made information accessible through providing materials that are up-to-date and relevant to users as well as providing a pleasant environment for learning. The continuous use of information has provided information to those responsible for planning, managing and implementing programmes, including district management teams and community groups.

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