“Gender, Poverty and Social Transformation” Book Launch

Gender, Poverty and Social Transformation

The School of Women and Gender Studies, Makerere University – an UWONET member – on 3rd May 2016 launched a book entitled “Gender, Poverty and Social Transformation: Reflections on Fractures and Continuities in Contemporary Uganda”. The production of the book is a result of a north/south collaboration between the Centre for Women and Gender Research (Kvinnforsk) at University of Tromso (UiT), The Arctic University of Norway and the School of Women and Gender Studies (SWGS) at Makerere University.

At the Launch, Prof Josephine Ahikire and Dr. Florence Muhanguzi (part of the editing team) described the book as one written from the standpoint of Ugandan women’s experiences thereby presenting a true picture of their lived realities. It was noted that the research presented in the book is based on grounded theory aiming to demystify the stereotypes about Africa and African women. The chapters of the book arise out of the priorities of the local needs within the national development framework and priority of poverty reduction. Significant to note is that the book does not present women as disadvantaged or victims but creates a new narrative of women as social agents and drivers of change.

Prof. Joy Kwesiga Vice Chancellor Kabale University

Prof. Joy Kwesiga, one of the book reviewers, commended the published work as one that dispels stereotypes and eradicates generalization. She noted that the product redefines feminist research in Uganda and Africa as a whole. She was glad to note that the book presents new areas of study and findings which is the ultimate purpose of creating new knowledge.

Annlaug Ronneberg, Deputy Ambassador Royal Norwegian Embassy in Uganda, officially launched the book. In her remarks, Annlaug Ronneberg noted that women represent half the potential of the world and are fundamental to the process of economic development. She emphasized that women not only add but they change economic development. She commended the published work and the great north/south collaboration.

The research in the book covers three themes: 1) Beyond economic determinism: reflections on productive resources and women’s economic rights and empowerment; 2) The political economy of domestic provisioning, health care and HIV/AIDS; and 3) Marriage, sexuality and changing trends in gender relations. The authors include: Grace Bantebya Kyomuhendo; Siri Gerrad; Josephine Ahikire; Florence Kyoheirwe Muhanguzi; Lise Nordbroend; Consolata Kabonesa; Tabitha Mulyampiti; Stella Neema; Aramanzan Madanda; Peace Musiimenta; Ruth Nsibirano Kabwigu; Anne Ninsiima Kizza; David Mugambe Mpiima and Zerupa Akello.

For more information on availability and access to the book please contact the School of Women and Gender Studies, Makerere University. Address: P.O.BOX 7062 Kampala, Uganda, 45 Pool Rd, Kampala, Uganda. Phone: +256 41 4531484


Written by

Sandra Komuhiiimbo

Coordinator – Research, Knowledge Management and Advocacy,

Uganda Women’s Network

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    Am soo pleased to see the above authors because they’re my own lectures.thanks to all of u for the great work done to fight for women’s rights and empowerment

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